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April 10
Clarification of co-author addition . . .
The FLUXNET dataset usage policy is posted in the Terms of Reference (ToR) document on the "Dataset Information" page.  As indicated in the ToR, proposal coordinators and their approved collaborators have full access to the dataset for use to perform approved synthesis activities. The data can NOT be shared except with approved collaborators.  To add a collaborator to a proposal, the coordinator of the proposal must send the CV of the collaborator to the steering committee ( for approval.  A two page abbreviated CV or a full CV can be submitted. Approval typically takes about two weeks.  If a collaborator has been approved, they can be given access to the data. This procedure applies to all contributors including data providers joining proposal teams and students in the laboratories of primary authors.
The applicable text from the ToR is below
  • Under no circumstances can the data be circulated to other people, even to co-authors, that are not listed in the proposal, because of conditional agreements with different networks. Co-authors that need to access the data must first send a request to the SMC that they will forward this to the networks for approval.
  • Only contributors to the FLUXNET database are eligible to use data from the TCO Fluxnet data base, and only in the context of the pre-approved FLUXNET synthesis papers.
A data provider can be added as a co-author to a paper without the above approval process only if the data provider will not be given access to data other than their own.


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