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April 13
Submitted by and submission date explained . . .
For each ancillary data entry submitted, the full history of that entry is kept in the database.  The entry surfaced in the reports and in any of the web interfaces is the latest accepted entry.  With that entry you will see the fields "Submitted By" and "Submission Date". This will tell you who the value was received from and on what date.  The earliest date we received that entry (in the case of successive copies) will be surfaced.  Before the La Thuile workshop and during the La Thuile workshop the ancillary data entries were all kept in Excel spreadsheets with no provenance information.  Data from these original spreadsheets has  the "Submitted By" field set to "La Thuile prep" and the "Submission Date" set to the date we received the spreadsheet. Within the database we also keep the name of the spreadsheet.
Each time we output an updated set of ancillary data, all reports will include toward the top a generated date and a date indicating the most recent "Submission Date" for all the data in the report.  This will allow users to quickly recognize whether newer information is contained in the report.  We also publish a report with all ancillary data changes since the last major data release.  The flux/met data only changes at the time of a data release. Reports and the blog postings will indicate the flux/met data that has changed between releases.
If you have any questions regarding data changes or history of an ancillary data item please contact


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