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Quick Launch > FLUXNET Blog > Posts > Finding SWC, H20stor, and Ts in the data cube
April 20
Finding SWC, H20stor, and Ts in the data cube
If you are accessing the fluxnet data through the data cube, you may notice that you do not see SWC, Ts, and H20stor as datumtypes in the cube.  This is because these three variables have an offset associated with them.  We have defined the offset of (none) to be the default in the cube.  Thus, variables that have an offset will not appear until you either provide offset as a filter or specify offset as one of the dimensions.  In the data cube, for clarity, we have translated the offsets of 1 and 2 into upper and lower respectively. When using the data cube, it is always a good idea to explicitly define each of the dimensions to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting.


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