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CoordinatorTitlePaper StatusCollaboratorsTopicDetails (incl. Towers)
Adrien C. FinziGlobal Patterns in the Carbon Cost of Nitrogen AcquisitionUnknownFinzi; Gill; Richardson 
Alan BarrSynthesis of Inter-Annual Variability in Net Ecosystem Exchange at Long-Term North American Mature Boreal and North-Temperate Forest Flux-Tower SitesStarted with 1st overview and site selectionBarr;Black;Wofsy;Hollinger;IAV, Boreal
Albert Van DijkThe coupled surface water and energy balance under wet canopy conditionsUnknownvan Dijk; van Gorsel 
Alessandro CescattiValidation of MODIS albedo product at the FLUXNET sitesManuscript submittedCescatti; Schaaf; Cook; Marcolla; Richardson; LawBiophys., Albedo
Alessandro CescattiEffect of land use change and global warming on winter albedoStarted with 1st overview and site selectionCescatti; Ciais; MarcollaBiophys., Albedo, Landuse
Alessandro CescattiSensitivity of GPP and NEE to direct vs diffuse radiation across Fluxnet sites Started with 1st overview and site selectionCescatti; Baldocchi; Grace; Hollinger; Knoll; Ibrom; Marcolla; RichardsonRadiation effects
Alexander KnohlAssessing soil moisture – atmosphere feedbacks via Bowen ratio changes during droughts Started with 1st overview and site selectionKnohl;Bernhofer;Ciais;Koestner;ViovyDrought effects; energy
Almut ArnethTesting a unified model of stomatal conductanceUnknownArneth; Medlyn 
Anders LindrothFactors controlling total ecosystem respiration in boreal forestsUnknownLindroth; Margolis; Hollinger; Vesala; LuyssaertEcosystem respiration; boreal
Andrew JarvisA data-based cross-site evaluation of (optimal) carbon gain and water use strategies as expressed in FLUXNET eddy covariance data1st Draft readyJarvis;StauchC-H2O
Andrew OliphantThe Role of Canopy Architecture on Gross Ecosystem Production Responses to Diffuse LightStarted with 1st overview and site selectionOliphantRadiation; diffuse-direct
Andrew RichardsonExploring relationships among carbon exchange, foliar nitrogen, and canopy albedo at global scalesStarted with 1st overview and site selectionRichardson; Ollinger; Martin; Hollinger 
Andrew RichardsonEffect of spring onset and autumn senescence date on forest-atmosphere CO2 exchangePaper publishedRichardson;Piao;Ciais;BreonPhenology; growing season
Anna GoernerTowards a better representation of drought effects in diagnostic biogeochemical modelsStarted with 1st overview and site selectionGoerner;ReichsteinDrought effects
Antje Maria MoffatEffect of diffuse radiation on ecosystem-level water use efficiency1st Draft readyMoffat; Reichstein; Cescatti; Lasslop; Zaehle 
Asko NoormetsThe effects of harvesting thinning and fire on forest carbon exchangeStarted with 1st overview and site selectionNoormets; Law; Margolis; Schulze; Chen; Grace; BarrDisturbance
Barbara KoestnerWater vapour flux partitioning related to climate, global ecosystem types and vegetation structureStarted with 1st overview and site selectionKoestner; Bernhofer; Knohl; LindrothH2O
Benjamin BredeDrought impact on the Amazon rainforestsUnknownBrede; Verbesselt, Dutrieux, Kruijt 
Benjamin RuddellDynamical sensitivity of terrestrial eco-climate systems to climate forcings: Global eco-climate Process Network Modeling at FLUXNET sitesSites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figuresRuddell; Yu; Kang; Childers 
Ben-Jei TsuangThermal inertial and land characteristics for land surface modeling over different land typesUnknownTsuang; Tsai;  
Bev LawTemporal dynamics in gross ecosystem production, ecosystem respiration, net carbon uptake and environmental conditions among plant functional typesWithdrawnLaw; Baldocchi; Reichstein; Papale; Valentini; Hudiburg; SchuetzGlobalSummary
Bin ZhaoSurface water on energy exchanges of wetlandsUnknownZhao; Guo 
Bin ZhaoIs wetland an ecosystem type? A synthesis assessment on global carbon sequestration in wetlandsUnknownZhao; Guo 
Bo JiangComparison of empirical models for surface daytime net radiation estimationManuscript submittedJiang; Wohlfahrt; Zhang 
Bo JiangGeneration Global LAnd Surface Satellite (GLASS) surface daytime Net Radiation products based on multi-source datasetsUnknownJiang; Liang; Wohlfahrt 
Brian AmiroCarbon Dynamics Following Fire and Harvest in North American Boreal and North Temperate ForestsPaper publishedAmiro; Barr; BlackDisturbance
Christian BeerUpscaling mean annual GPP from ecosystem level to the global land surfacePaper publishedBeer; Tomelleri; Reichstein; Carvalhais; Jung; Papale; Peylin; Ciais 
Christian BeerWhich environmental factors determine temporal and spatial variability of water-use efficiency on ecosystem levelPaper publishedBeer; Baldocchi; Bernhofer; Buchmann; Ciais; Knohl; Koestner; Kutsch; Reichstein; Soussana; WilliamsC-H2O
Christian BernhoferAnalyzing long-term FLUXNET measurements for reliable ET values across ecosystems types and across climatic regionsStarted with 1st overview and site selectionBernhofer; Koestner; Knohl; Lindroth; Grünwald; RiedelH2O
Christopher R. SchwalmUsing FLUXNET to diagnose climatic variability of the terrestrial carbon sink from 1948 to 2099Started with 1st overview and site selectionSchwalm; Jung; Reichstein; Papale 
Christopher R. SchwalmUsing FLUXNET to assess the sensitivity of land-atmosphere carbon exchange to climate variabilityUnknownSchwalm; Huntzinger; Kolb; Woods 
Christopher WilliamsEstimation of the Evaporative Fraction term of PET for Remote Sensing Applications of AETPaper publishedWilliams; Marshall; Still; Roberts; Funk; Michaelsen 
Christopher WilliamsEcohydrologic Hypotheses Revisited -- Synthesis with a Global Observation NetworkPaper publishedWilliams; Buchmann; Baldocchi; Reichstein; PapaleH2O
Christopher WilliamsCarbon Dioxide and Water Flux Responses to Extreme Weather and Climate AnomaliesPaper publishedWilliams; Munger; Hollinger; Stoy; Richardson; Schaefer; Stockli; SchwalmTemporal variability; extremes
Chuixiang YiClimate control of terrestrial carbon sequestrationPaper publishedYi; Ricciuto; Monson 
Damiano GianelleEffect of 2014 temperature anomalies on gross ecosystem production, ecosystem respiration, net carbon uptake and environmental conditions among plant functional typesUnknownGianelle; Sottocornola 
Dario PapaleA new global spatialized estimate of NEP, GPP and TER and analysis of uncertainty and limiting factors using data driven models and eddy covariance measurementsSites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figuresPapale, Reichstein, TomelleriUp-scaling, global, data-oriented
Darrel JeneretteVariation of ecosystem metabolic rain response along a 2000 mm rainfall gradient1st Draft readyJenerette;Scott;HuxmanDrought effects; C
David BowlingSynthesis of land-atmosphere carbon and water fluxes in seasonally snow-covered forestsUnknownBowling; Bahn 
David EllsworthLinking species-level physiology with vegetation fluxesUnknownEllsworth;Wright;Knohl;McMurtrie;ReichEcophys
Dennis BaldocchiMeasuring Terrestrial Biosphere Metabolism with a Global Flux NetworkStarted with 1st overview and site selectionBaldocchi;Reichstein;Papale;LawGlobalSummary
Dennis BaldocchiHow Day and Night Sampling Minimizes Autocorrelation between Canopy Photosynthesis and Ecosystem RespirationPaper publishedBaldocchi; Sturtevant 
Dennis BaldocchiHow Well Does Canopy Surface Conductance Scale with Ecosystem Photosynthesis?; A test of the Ball-Berry Empirical Model and the Medlyn Optimal Model1st Draft readyBaldocchi 
Elham RouholahnejadDoes Groundwater contribute to global evapotranspiration significantly?UnknownRouholahnejad; Kirchner; Seneviratne; Miralles; Reinfelder 
Eli MelaasImproving Estimation of Growing Season Length using MODIS and FLUXNETUnknownMelaas; Friedl; Hongxiao; Eklundh; Richardson 
Eli MelaasUsing phenological indicators derived from FLUXNET data to improve predictive models of vegetation phenologyPaper in pressRichardson; Melaas; Sonnentag 
Enrico TomelleriClimatic effects on the inter‐annual variability of net ecosystem fluxes of North America and Europe1st Draft readyTomelleri; Migliavacca; Carvalhais 
Enrico TomelleriCalibration of a light use efficiency model using FLUXNET data1st Draft readyTomelleri;Reichstein;Papale;GornerUp-scaling, global, data-oriented
Eva FalgeCross-Validation of Eddy Covariance and NPP Data at Flux Tower SitesPaper publishedFalge; LuyssaertQuality control
Eva van GorselNocturnal Carbon Efflux - Can we take advection terms into account without measuring themPaper publishedGorsel;LeuningQuality control
Eva van GorselGlobally assessing the utility of alternative approaches to upscaling latent heat flux for thermal remote sensing studiesUnknownvan Gorsel; van Niel; Yebra; McVicar 
Fred HuemmrichHyperspectral Remote Sensing of Carbon FluxesStarted with 1st overview and site selectionHuemmrich; Middleton; Margolis 
Ge SunA Unified Approach to Estimate Potential Evapotranspiration of Forest EcosystemsUnknownSunH2O
Gianluca TramontanaFLUXCOM – an intercomparison study on the estimation of global flux fields from eddy covariance data using empirical up-scaling techniquesUnknownReichstein; Papale; Jung; Ryu; Xiao; Fisher 
Giovanni MancaParadigmatic networks: a new tool for gap-filling and spatialization of eddy covariance CO2 fluxesUnknownManca; Federici; Seufert; MarchiUp-scaling, global, data-oriented
Gitta LasslopExtended hyperbolic light response curve including VPD effects to derive GPP estimates mainly based on daytime dataPaper publishedLasslop; Reichstein; Papale 
Gitta LasslopTowards a better understanding of temporal variability of inverse model parameter estimates in process-based modelsWithdrawnLasslop;Reichstein;Mahecha;KattgeInverse parameter retrieval
Gitta LasslopInfluence of the driving temperature for eddy covariance carbon flux partitioningManuscript submittedLasslop 
Guillaume DroletUnderstanding the Environmental Controls on Net and Gross Light-Use Efficiency and Their Temporal Patterns - A Circumboreal StudyStarted with 1st overview and site selectionDrolet;Margolis;MiddletonRadiation effects, Boreal
Guillod BenoîtThe impact of evapotranspiration on convective rainfall eventsPaper publishedGuillod; Seneviratne; Buchmann; Orlowsky; Reichstein; Ciais; Teuling 
Han DolmanGlobal land surface evaporation estimated from satellite-based observationsUnknownDolman; Holmes; Miralles; de Jeu; Gash; Wang 
Hank A. MargolisContrasting the Seasonal Patterns of Fluxes and Environmental Responses Functions for the Circumboreal ForestStarted with 1st overview and site selectionMargolis;DroletBoreal forest
Ian RossInfluence of climate soil and vegetation on rain pulses responses in seasonal drought ecosystems or across different ecosystems1st Draft readyRoss;Misson;Carrara;LitvakC-H2O
Ian RossRadiation relationships at FLUXNET sitesUnknownRoss; Rambal 
Jean-Francois SoussanaDisturbance synthesisUnknownGrace; Soussana; KlumppDisturbance
Jean-Francois SoussanaInter- & intrannual variability of CO2 fluxes of temperate ecosystems at a global scaleUnknownBuchmann; Ciais; Hollinger; Soussana; StoyIAV, Temperate
Jingfeng XiaoLinking Disturbance and Nitrogen Availability to Carbon and Water Cycling: Improved Upscaling of Carbon and Water Fluxes from Towers to Continental and Global ScalesPaper publishedXiao; Ollinger; Chen 
Jingfeng XiaoGlobal Patterns and Interannual Variability of Water Use EfficiencySites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figuresXiao; Chen 
Jiquan ChenSpatiotemporal variability of annual gross primary productivity (GPP) as regulated by growing season length and summer plant photosynthesisUnknownXia; Luo; Chen 
Joshua B. FisherValidating remote sensing evapotranspiration algorithms using global tower dataStarted with 1st overview and site selectionStoy; Mu; Running; McGlynn; Fisher; Richardson 
Junhui ZhangTracking water use efficiency (WUE) of terrestrial ecosystems using MODIS-EVI imagesUnknownZhang 
Junhui ZhangSink or Source - Carbon metabolism and regulating factors of old-growth forest ecosystemsUnknownZhangOld-growth;
Karrin AlstadEcosystem Water Use Efficiency of Major World BiomoesUnknownAlstad;ChenC-H2O
Katrin FleischerEffects of nitrogen cycle dynamics on forest carbon exchange; evaluating a global dynamic vegetation model with FLUXNET data1st Draft readyFleischer; Warlind; van der Molen; Rebel; Arneth; Erisman; Wassen; Smith; Dolman 
Katrin FleischerFeedbacks in the Climate SystemPaper publishedFleischer; Dolman; van der Molen; Rebel; Arneth 
Kenneth J. DavisModel Intercomparison and Synthesis for Evaluation of Terrestrial Carbon (C) Upscaling Algorithms and Geovisualization of C fluxes and Associated UncertaintyUnknownDavis; Naithani; Smithwick; MacEachren; Cook 
Li ZhangImpacts of disturbances on carbon and water cycling in the world’s grasslandsUnknownZhang; Xiao; Chen 
Lucas JonesGlobal mapping of net ecosystem CO2 exchange using integrated satellite optical-IR and microwave remote sensing: Algorithm Development for the SMAP Decadal Survey MissionPaper publishedJones; Kimball; Running; Zhang; Yi 
Magnus LundNet Ecosystem CO2 Exchange in Mires and its Sensitivity to Temperature and Water Table FluctuationsPaper publishedLund; Lindroth; Nilsson; Aurela; Rinne; RouletWetlands
Manish VermaUse of FLUXNET data product to evaluate productivity metrics derived from satellite remote sensing1st Draft readyRichardson; Verma 
Manuela BalzaroloAnalysing the relationships among carbon fluxes and broadband vegetation indices at global scale1st Draft readyBalzarolo; Papale 
Maren GöhlerParameter estimation in a complex land surface modelUnknownGohler; Cuntz; Samaniego; Corinna 
Margriet GroenendijkAssessing parameter variability in a photosynthesis model within and between plant functional types using global Fluxnet eddy covariance data Paper publishedGroenendijk; Dolman; van der Molen; Arneth; Gash; Leuning; Lindroth; Richardson; Wohlfahrt 
Margriet GroenendijkSeasonal variation of plant functional type photosynthetic parameters derived directly from global Fluxnet eddy covariance dataPaper publishedGroenendijk; Dolman 
Margriet GroenendijkGlobal variation of ecosystem (intrinsic) water use efficiencyManuscript submittedGroenendijk; Dolman 
Markus ReichsteinContribution of plant traits to ecosystem functions as observed by eddy covariance measurementsUnknownKattge; Reichstein 
Markus ReichsteinInter-annual variation (IAV) in global terrestrial carbon-water balance derived from network of eddy covariance flux sites magnitude, controlling processes and climate factorsStarted with 1st overview and site selectionReichstein; Papale; Baldocchi; Barr; Ciais; Heimann; Luyssaert; Richardson; RodenbeckIAV, global
Martin JungEvaluation of evapotranspiration process-based models with in-situ and satellite observationsUnknownJung; Reichstein; Jimenez 
Martin JungIdentifying environmental and biophysical controls of monthly carbon and water fluxesPaper publishedJung; Reichstein; Papale; Tomelleri 
Martin JungSynthesis of global upscaling of land surface – atmosphere fluxes Paper publishedJung; Reichstein; Mahecha 
Martine Janet van de WegCan plant traits be used to scale ecosystem carbon and water fluxesSites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figuresvan de Weg; Dolman; van Bodegom 
Mathias GoeckedeOptimizing the assimilation of eddy-covariance flux data into a regional scale atmospheric inverse modeling frameworkUnknownGoeckede; O’Halloran; Law 
Matteo CampioliThe CO2 balance of the terrestrial biomesUnknownCampioli; Luyssaert; Janssens; Valdameri 
Matthew JonesLaThuile and Opened Gross Primary Productivity and Ecosystem Respiration DataUnknownJones; Kimball; Law 
May MyklebustLAI influence on bias in night time eddy covariance data during windy conditionsManuscript submittedMyklebust; Misson; Wohlfahrt 
Miaogen ShenSpatial pattern of temperature requirements of spring recovery of GPPUnknownShen; Tang 
Michiel van der MolenFeedbacks in Boreal and Arctic Climate Systems in SiberiaUnknownvan der Molen; Dolman; Ciais; Ohta; Maximov; Heimann; Schulze; BelelliBoreal & Tundra; feedbacks
Miguel D. MahechaTime scale dependent parameter estimation: principle and example elaboration in an model-eddy covariance data fusion experimentPaper publishedMahecha; Reichstein; Carvalhais; Lasslop; Lange; Seneviratne 
Miguel D. MahechaExtraction and quantification of hysteretic behavior and phase synchronizations at different time scales in ecosystem-atmosphere fluxes inferred from a global network of eddy covariance flux sitesStarted with 1st overview and site selectionMahecha;Reichstein;Carvalhais;LangeTemporal variability; multi-scale
Miguel D. MahechaEffects of hydrometerorological extremes on land-atmosphere fluxesSites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figuresMahecha; Rammig; Papale 
Mirco MigliavaccaThe impact of nutrient limitation on carbon and water fluxes (Nitrogen vs Phosphorous)UnknownMigliavacca; Reichstein; Schrumpf; Penuelas; Jannsens; Fernandez; Kattge; Mahecha; Musavi; Sardans; Vicca; van de Weg; Zaehle 
Mirco MigliavaccaInfluence of the spring phenology on seasonal patterns of ecosystem respirationManuscript submittedMigliavacca; Cescatti; Mahecha; Reichstein; Richardson; Tomelleri; Carvalhais; Cremonese; Galvagno; Lasslop 
Mirco MigliavaccaInterannual variability of growing season length and its influences on annual carbon budget as derived from carbon flux measurementWithdrawnMigliavacca; Tomelleri; Churkina; Jung; SeufertPhenology; growing season
Mirco MigliavaccaSemi-empirical modelling of ecosystem respiration: review, improved algorithm and integration with Earth observation dataPaper publishedMigliavacca; Reichstein; Richardson; LasslopEcosytem respiration; spatio-temporal
Myroslava KhomikAnalysis of across‐site variability of carbon‐flux and ‐pool relations (e.g.turnover times) derived from chamber and eddy covariance based measurements as affected by climate, vegetation and other factorsUnknownKhomik; Reichstein; Schrumpf 
Nathaniel BrunsellMomentum flux to the land surface: a FLUXNET perspective on quantifying the sum, dependencies, and variabilityUnknownMiller; Brunsell; Arneth; Reichstein 
Niall HananThe canopy structure information content of flux measurements: inferring physiologically-relevant canopy phenology at global scales using Fluxnet dataUnknownHanan;Reichstein;Cook;IbromRadiation, Phenology
Nicholas SmithDoes temperature acclimation of plant carbon exchange improve land model performance?Manuscript acceptedSmith; Dukes; Richardson 
Nima MadaniQuantifying North American ecosystems optimal light use efficiency beyond land cover typesPaper publishedMadani; Kimball 
Nima MadaniProjections for ecosystem structure and productivity in near futureUnknownMadani; Kimball 
Ning ZengQuantifying error structures of a global terrestrial carbon cycle model with FLUXNET dataUnknownZeng; Chen; Kalnay 
Paul DirmeyerValidation of coupled land-atmosphere behavior in global weather and climate modelsUnknownDirmeyer; Meyers; Guo; Santanello; Bosilovich; Ek; Lawrence; Tawfik; Balsamo 
Paul StoyDoes surface temperature decrease with ecosystem development? Testing the maximum entropy hypothesisStarted with 1st overview and site selectionStoy; Hua; Baldocchi; Ryu; Grace 
Paul StoyOn the spectral properties of eddy covariance time seriesPaper publishedStoy; Richardson; KatulTemporal variability; multi-scale
Paul StoyEnergy balance closure at global eddy covariance research sites is related to landscape-level surface heterogeneityPaper publishedStoy; Ibrom 
Paul StoyThe effects of vegetation on surface temperature: a bottom-up approach from a global network of eddy covariance flux towers1st Draft readyStoy; Katul; Juang; Siqueira; Novick; Williams; Clement; Moncreiff; LloydBiophys., Feedback
Paul StoyThe relationship between net and long-wave radiationWithdrawnStoy;Knohl;Jarvis;Clement;Moncreiff;MonteithBiophys., feedback
Paul StoyComparing semi-parametric models for partitioning incident photosynthetically active radiationStarted with 1st overview and site selectionStoy; Richardson; Cescatti; Grace; De Kauwe; Baldocchi; Malhi; Butt; JuangBiophys., Radiation
Philippe CiaisEvaluation and estimation of biogeochemical flux model error on multiple time scales based on La Thuile eddy-covariance flux measurementsUnknownCiais; Piao 
Philippe CiaisDeterminants of spatial and temporal gradients in ecosystem fluxes and their dependency upon climate drivers: a comparison between North America and EuropeStarted with 1st overview and site selectionCiais; Davis; Reichstein; Papale; Piao; Le-MaireSpatio-temporal variability US-Europe
Philippe CiaisWhat the eddy-covariance flux measurements tell us about prior errors in CO2-flux inversion schemesPaper publishedChevallier; Ciais; Maignan; Wang; Reichstein 
Qiang LiuAn Evaluation of GLASS Albedo ProductUnknownLiu; Qua; Wang; Liu; Liu; Liang 
Ray LeuningUsing FLUXNET data to constrain SVAT model parameterizationUnknownLeuning; Stockli; Hoffman; Hollinger; Stoy; Munger; Dellwik; Richardson; Kattge; Reichstein; WilliamsInverse parameter retrieval
Robert CookIntercomparison of the MODIS albedo product and other moderate resolution satellite albedo products at the FLUXNET sitesUnknownSchaaf; Cescatti; Cook; Law 
Rodrigo VargasLinking photosynthesis with soil respiration: diurnal patterns across large geographical distancesManuscript submittedVargas; Baldocchi;Gu 
Rodrigo VargasA mycocentric perspective on environmental factors controlling CO2 fluxes from terrestrial ecosystemsPaper publishedVargas; Baldocchi; Allen; Hasselquist 
Russell MonsonA Comparative Study of Optimized Process Parameters and their Response to Current and Future Climate in Evergreen Needleleaf EcosystemsUnknownMonson;Moore;Schimel;Scott DentonInverse parameter retrieval
Ryan TeulingThe impact of land surface heterogeneity on temperature variabilityPaper publishedTeuling; Seneviratne; Reichstein; Ciais; Moors; Luyssaert 
Ryan TeulingImpact of land surface heterogeneity on temperature extremes -- Central-Western Europe vs MediterraneanUnknownTeuling; Seneviratne; Reichstein; Ciais; Luyssaert; Moors; Montagnani 
Sara ViccaUse of remote sensing indicators for estimating drought impacts on flux dataUnknownVicca; Balzarolo; Janssens; Penuelas 
Sebastiaan LuyssaertShort term extremes in NEE: drivers and responses in natural ecosystemsWithdrawnLuyssaert; Hollinger; Munger; Stoy; Archibald; Buchmann; Williams; JanssensTemporal variability; extremes
Sebastian WolfGlobal Patterns of Biosphere-Atmosphere Energy Fluxes in Terrestrial EcosystemsUnknownWolf; Stoy; Reichstein; Cescatti; Baldocchi 
ShiLong PiaoEffect of snow change on the C balance in various northern ecosystemsStarted with 1st overview and site selectionPiao;Ciais;Reichstein;LuyssaertSnow effects; Boreal-Tundra
Shuli NiuPhenological and physiological controls of net ecosystem production and its response to climate changeUnknownNiu; Chen; Luo 
Sonia SeneviratneMulti-scale land-atmosphere interactionsPaper publishedSeneviratne; Reichstein; Ciais; Buchmann; StockliBiophysical feedbacks, Drought effects
Sonia WhartonExamining the effects of teleconnection patterns on ecosystem flux exchange at FLUXNET towers along the Pacific RimStarted with 1st overview and site selectionWharton; Vargas; FalkIAV
Stefan OlinParametrisation and a formalised uncertainty analysis of the Managed Land module in LPJ-GUESSUnknownOlin; Arneth; Lindeskog; Lindroth 
Tagir GilmanovAgricultural ecosystems as strong sinks for atmospheric CO2UnknownGilmanovCroplands
Tagir GilmanovGross productivity, respiration, and carbon sequestration potential of grassland ecosystems of the worldUnknownGilmanovGrasslands
Tiexi ChenEvaluation of cropland potential light utilization efficiency over eddy flux sites in Europe and North AmericaPaper publishedChen; van der Werf; Dolman; Groenendijk 
Tiexi ChenGlobal cropland gross primary productivity1st Draft readyChen; van der Werf; Gobron; Dolman 
Timothy W. HiltonWhat is the spatial and temporal coherence of flux tower signalsPaper publishedHilton; Davis; Ciais; DesaiUp-scaling, regional, process-oriented
Trevor KeenanAssessing long-­‐term changes in terrestrial carbon and water cycling, and their coupling through ecosystem water use efficiencyUnknownKeenan; Richardson; Hollinger 
Wenping YuanGlobal analyses of energy balance and partition over different vegetation types based on paired eddy covariance sitesUnknownYuan; Chen 
Wenping YuanGlobal Comparison of Light Use Efficiency Models for Vegetation Gross Primary Production1st Draft readyYuan; Chen 
Wenping YuanGlobal Estimates of Evapotranspiration over the Terrestrial EcosystemsStarted with 1st overview and site selectionYuan; Chen 
Werner L. KutschA quick-test of all sites involved in the Fluxnet study concerning advectional losses during night-timeWithdrawnKutsch;FeigenwinterQuality control
Xianglan LiGenerating High Resolution Global Product of Land Surface Evapotranspiration during 1982-2013UnknownLi; Chen 
Xianglan LiEvaluation of global terrestrial latent heat flux simulations of 45 CMIP5 models using global eddy covariance observations1st Draft readyLi; Chen 
Xianglan LiDevelopment of a Physical-Empirical algorithm for global terrestrial latent heat flux based on FLUXNET data set and MODIS products1st Draft readyLi; Chen 
Xianjin ZhuGlobal pattern of water use efficiency and its underlying mechanismUnknownZhu; Hu; Yu 
Yadvinder MalhiQuantifying the constraints imposed by sun-angle, light, water and temperature on ecosystem gross productivityUnknownMalhiGPP; spatial constraints
Yiying ChenValidation of a new multi-layer energy budget scheme in the ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO branch land surface model UnknownChen; Ryder; Luyssaert; Black; Moors; Longdoz; Vesala; Ogee; Loustau; Luca 
Yongguang ZhangEvaluations of global hydrological modelling over different land cover typesUnknownZhang; Arancibia; Zheng; Mpelasoka; Yebra; Guerschman; van Gorsel; van Dijk 
Yonghong YiRecent climate and fire disturbance impacts on boreal and arctic ecosystem productivity estimated using a satellite-based terrestrial carbon flux modelUnknownYi; Kimball; Margolis 
Youngryel RyuSeasonal variation of surface and air temperatures across a range of plant functional types and climatic zonesUnknownRyu; Baldocchi; Detto; Stoy 
Youngryel RyuTrend of land surface radiation balance and evapotranspiration across diverse ecosystems under climate changeWithdrawnRyu; Baldocchi; Vargas  
Youngryel RyuSpatial and temporal variations of gross primary productivity and evaporation over the global land from 2000 to 2009 using MODIS and FLUXNET1st Draft readyRyu; Baldocchi 
Youngryel RyuClassification of functional vegetation group using water deficit and actual evapotranspiration across diverse ecosystems and climatic zones using FLUXNET databaseWithdrawnRyu; Baldocchi; Vargas  
Youngryel RyuCan satellite snapshots at morning or afternoon be upscaled to 8-day integrated evapotranspirationManuscript submittedRyu; Baldocchi 
Zheng HanImproving the performance of Budyko framework in predicting evapotranspiration of terrestrial ecosystems with FLUXNET dataUnknownZheng; Yu; Wang