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Public FluxNet LaThuile Dataset Information

NOTE: The new FLUXNET2015 dataset is now available at

Flux and meteorological data, collected world‐wide, are submitted to this central database ( These data are: a) checked for quality; b) gaps are filled; c) valueadded products, like ecosystem photosynthesis and respiration, are produced; and d) daily and annual sums, or averages, are computed [Agarwal et al., 2010]. The resulting datasets are available through this site for data synthesis. This page provides information about the FLUXNET synthesis datasets, the sites that contributed data, how to use the datasets, and the synthesis efforts using the datasets.

FLUXNET Measurement Sites

Data Access and Use Policies

Papers and Approved Proposals

Flux/Met Data Explanations (including units information)

Ancillary Data Explanations (including BADM information)

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Microsoft eScience  University of Virginia Berkeley Lab  


 National Science Foundation FLUXNET Project  iLEAPS Project  Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry  University of Tuscia  AsiaFlux     JapanFlux     University of California, Berkeley


CarboAfrica  Fluxnet-Canada ChinaFlux  AmeriFlux   


LBAKoFlux TCOS-Siberia CarboEuropeIP


  OZ Flux  Oak Ridge National Lab - Earth Sciences   NECC   DOE Office of Science