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On-Going FLUXNET Synthesis Activities

Published LaThuile FLUXNET Synthesis Papers


The FLUXNET sites that are used in the analysis, are listed with the original proposal here

  • Martin Jung, Markus Reichstein, Hank A. Margolis, Alessandro Cescatti, Andrew D. Richardson, M.
    Altaf Arain, Almut Arneth, Christian Bernhofer, Damien Bonal, Jiquan Chen, Damiano Gianelle,
    Nadine Gobron, Gerald Kiely, Werner Kutsch, Gitta Lasslop, Beverly E. Law, Anders Lindroth,
    Lutz Merbold, Leonardo Montagnani, Eddy J. Moors, Dario Papale, Matteo Sottocornola,
    Francesco Vaccari, Christopher Williams, Global patterns of land‐atmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, latent heat, and sensible heat derived from eddy covariance, satellite, and meteorological observations. JGR in press.

  • Christian Beer, Markus Reichstein, Enrico Tomelleri, Philippe Ciais, Martin Jung, Nuno Carvalhais, Christian Rödenbeck, M. Altaf Arain, Dennis Baldocchi, Gordon B. Bonan, Alberte Bondeau, Alessandro Cescatti, Gitta Lasslop, Anders Lindroth, Mark Lomas, Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Hank Margolis, Keith W. Oleson, Olivier Roupsard, Elmar Veenendaal, Nicolas Viovy, Christopher Williams, F. Ian Woodward, and Dario Papale, " (5 July 2010) Science [DOI: 10.1126/science.1184984].
  • P. C. Stoy, A. D. Richardson, D. D. Baldocchi, G. G. Katul, J. Stanovick, M. D. Mahecha, M. Reichstein, M. Detto, B. E. Law, G. Wohlfahrt, N. Arriga, J. Campos, J. H. McCaughey, L. Montagnani, K. T. Paw U, S. Sevanto, and M. Williams, " Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of CO2 in relation to climate: a cross-biome analysis across multiple time scales," Biogeosciences, 6, 2297-2312, 2009.

  • E. van Gorsel , N. Delpierre, R. Leuning, A. Black, J. W. Munger, S. Wofsy , M. Aubinet , C. Feigenwinter , J. Beringer , D. Bonal , B. Chen , Jiquan Chen , Robert Clement , Kenneth J. Davis , A. R. Desai , D. Dragoni , S. Etzold , T. Grunwald , L. Gu , B. Heinesch , L. R. Hutyra , W. W.P. Jans , W. Kutsch , B.E. Law , M. Y. Leclerc , I. Mammarella , L. Montagnani , A. Noormets , C. Rebmann , S. Wharton  (2009), "Estimating nocturnal ecosystem respiration from the vertical turbulent flux and change in storage of CO 2," Agriculture and Forest Meteorology, 149 (2009) 1919–1930.

Other Fluxnet Synthesis Papers (not using the FLUXNET LaThuile version of the data)

  • B. D. Amiro, A. G. Barr, J. G. Barr, T. A. Black, R. Bracho, M. Brown, J. Chen, K. L. Clark, K. J. Davis, A. R. Desai, S. Dore, V. Engel, J. D. Fuentes, A. H. Goldstein, M. L. Goulden, T. E. Kolb, M. B. Lavigne, B. E. Law, H. A. Margolis, T. Martin, J. H. McCaughey, L. Misson, M. Montes‐Helu, A. Noormets, J. T. Randerson, G. Starr, and J. Xiao, "Ecosystem carbon dioxide fluxes after disturbance in forests of North America," Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 115, G00K02, doi:10.1029/2010JG001390, 2010.
  • Vargas, R., Detto, M., Baldocchi, D. Allen. M. .Multiscale analysis of temporal variability of soil CO2 production as influenced by weather and vegetationGlobal Change Biology. in press
  • Rodrigo Vargas, Dennis Baldocchi, Michael Allen, Michael Bahn, T. Black, Scott Collins, Jorge Curiel Yuste, Takashi Hirano, Rachhpal Jassal, Jukka Pumpanen, and Jianwu Tang. Looking deeper into the soil: biophysical controls and seasonal lags of soil CO2 production and efflux across multiple vegetation types" (Article) for review by Ecological Applications.
  • Baldocchi, DD, Ma, S., Rambal, S., Ourcival, J-M, Limosin, J-M, Misson, L, Pereira, JS, Papale, D. On the Differential Advantages of Evergreenness and Deciduousness in Mediterranean Oak Woodlands: A Flux Perspective. Ecological Applications, 20(6), 2010, pp. 1583–1597. 
  • Additional Information and Publications