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Chapter 1 - Web Site Overview

This web site provides access to the Global Fluxnet Synthesis data set, information about the data, and collaboration services.  For a general overview of the web site, please see the article on pages 5-7 of the FluxLetter vol 1, issue 1.

The primary sections of the site are:

  • Blog - Provides news updates regarding the data set.  Users should regularly check the the blog for important news and changes.
  • Dataset Information - General information about the sites and data set including ancillary site information, datumtypes, equations, units, and annual values. These pages are accessible without login.
  • Data Download - Select the desired data to download and receive download instructions.
  • Dataset Browsing - Detailed data reports and data browsing access.
  • Site PI Support - Pages for the sites to use in checking the data associated with their site and communicating with the various paper teams using the site's data
  • Paper Team Support - Pages for the paper teams to use in specifying the sites and years the team will be using for their analysis and communicating with the site PIs.
  • Background and Procedures - The web site and underlying database is the result of a collaborative effort by a large group of people.  More information about the site development process and the underlying procedures used to maintain it are available in this section.


The tabs along the top of the site provide navigation between major sections of the web site.  If you want to view another part of the User Support documentation, click on the "User Support" tab, which will bring you back to the index page.

Browser Support

This site renders fine in Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Unfortunately, the Safari browser is unable to render the excel worksheets.  No other browsers have been tested.

Spreadsheets and Pivot Tables

The spreadsheets and pivot tables displayed on this site are all from excel 2007. If you would like to download any of the spreadsheets, select "Documents" from the menu on the left edge of the page.  This will bring up a list of all the documents in the current section of the web site. You will find both excel 2003 (.xls) and excel 2007 (.xlsx) versions of each of these spreadsheets. Choose the Excel 2003 version unless you are running Microsoft Office 2007. Pivot tables can be downloaded the same way except that there are three versions of the pivot tables in the document list: two 2007 versions and one 2003 version.  The pivot tables that should be downloaded have a 2007 or 2003 at the end of their name. The other pivot tables are used on the web site only and will not work for you if you download them.