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Chapter 7: Data Cubes and Pivot Tables

In the "Data Browsing" section of the web site, there is an explanation of how to manipulate the Excel pivot tables embedded in the web site.  If you want to be able to connect directly from Excel on your desktop and build your own pivot tables, then you will need the following instructions.  Excel pivot tables can directly connect to the cube using Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 on Windows.  (Office 2004 for the Mac is not able to connect.)  THe easiest way to make the connection is to download one of the pivot tables available in the documents list of the Data Browsing section.  In the Pivot Tables folder, the excel files with names that end in either 2003 or 2007 can be downloaded and reconfigured in your local Excel. If you are using Excel 2003, before it will work you will need to install two modules and Microsoft Query.  The instructions for adding the necessary components to Excel 2003 and for configuring the pivot table can be found here.  The instructions for doing the same in Excel 2007 can be found here.
In order to enable improved navigation in the data cubes, the original column headings of the data have been broken up into dimensions called Datumtype, Offset, and Exdatumtype.  An explanation of how this was done and tables giving the exact translation can be found here.