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Chapter 6 - Proposal Team Support

Under the "Dataset Information" tab toward the bottom is a link to the "Proposal Teams and Focus Group Details including list of sites"  toward the bottom of the page.  This link leads to a page with a list of all approved proposals and many functions to support proposal teams. The data fair use policy is also available on the "Dataset Information" tab.

Under the "Data Browsing" tab, you can specify the site years you would like to download and download these site years.  The downloads are tracked.  Once a proposal team has determined which site years they would like to use in their analysis, then use the function described in the next paragraph to communicate with the PIs of the towers.

Each proposal will have a "view" button down the right hand side. You can use this button to see more detailed information about the proposal. In the proposal list you to search for proposals using a particular tower or proposals a particular investigator is involved in (use last names here if you want to get all proposals the person is involved in). In addition, the proposal list can be sorted by any of the columns in the list by clicking on the column heading.

If you are the coordinator of any of the proposals in the proposal list then the proposals you are coordinator for will have an "View/Edit" button in the right column. Clicking on the View/Edit button will bring you to a page that will allow you to specify the towers your proposal team will be using in their analysis, upload files to use as e-mail attachments, indicate the current progress of your proposal team, and to e-mail the PIs of the specified towers.  Below are some more detailed instructions for these features.

1. Select Towers: Toward the bottom of the page you will see a section labeled "Change Selected Towers" that has a list of all the towers that have data in the fluxnet dataset.  To select a tower, check the select box in front of the tower id.  Once you are done selecting the towers, click the "Submit" button to save your selections.

2. Set Paper Status: In the "Current Information" section at the top of the page there is a field labeled "Paper Status". Choose the appropriate entry from the drop down list in this item and then hit the "Submit" button to save the changes you have made.

3. Upload files to use as e-mail attachments: In the "e-mail PIs of selected towers" section of the page, ... (this function is currently being revised to be clearer. for the moment read the red text on the page for instructions).

4. E-mail PIs of Towers: Before publishing your paper, you are required to contact the PIs of the towers you are using in your analysis several times over the course of the analysis and before publication. For specific rules and time frames, please see the appropriate data usage guideline at LaThuile, Opened, and Fair-Use. To send an e-mail  to the PIs, first upload any attachments you would like to include in the e-mail (using the function on the page), type a subject and body for the e-mail using the interface and highlight any attachments from the upload list that you would like to have attached to this e-mail.  Once you are happy with the message content, attachments, and destinations, click the "Send" button and confirm your action.  This will send a confirmation message to you and will send an individualized version of the e-mail to the tower primary contact for each tower you have selected.

If during the course of your analysis, you determine that an ancillary data value for a site is incorrect, please submit your recommended update for the value using the "Ancillary Data Update" tab on the site.

 We are continually adding new features to the site and welcome your suggestions.  Please contact with suggestions and comments.