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Appendix A

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rather than have a separate FAQ, we post all answers to questions as articles in the fluxdata blog.  Below is a listing of the topics and what date the explanation appeared. If you have suggestions for additional topics for the blog, or if you would like to post something to the blog, please contact us at  We would be happy to help you.

Blog Post Date         Topic                                                          Category                        

Ancillary Data Related Topics

March 2009         Per site ancillary data reports available

April 2009           Meaning of submitted by and submission date on ancillary data reports

February 2009     Redundant ancillary variable names

January 2009       USTAR_PI and DATA_COMMENT explained

Novemner 2008    Direct download of reports

September 2008   Updates to ancillary data


February 2008     Data curators

Site/Tower Related Information

March 2009          Procedure for adding new flux sites to

October 2008       Site/tower PI access to

Proposal Submission and Data Access

October 2008       Proposal submission process

October 2008       Site/tower PI access to

July 2008             MATLAB access to the flux data

July 2008             Proposal status indicator

April 2008            Proposal team e-mail tool to contact site/tower PIs

April 2008            Procedure for adding a co-author to a proposal (also November 2007)

Flux/Met Related Information

April 2009            Finding SWC, H20stor, and Ts in the data cube

April 2009            Units for wbal_* in the daily files

February 2008      QC column -9999 entries

February 2008      Data processing methodology

January 2008        Changes between Data Release 1 and data release 2

January 2008        Data levels explanations

December 2007     List of downloaded flux/met files

October 2007        Foken test

October 2007        Report and data cube aggregations