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Welcome to the NSCN online community page! Post or comment to a post on the Blog below if you want to discuss something light, or to mention an upcoming professional opportunity. If you want to start a more involved topical discussion thread, use the Forum (also linked at left). Another option for communication is our listserv. Current membership is >140 and only members can post, so don't worry about spammers nor scammers!

Anyone on the Internet can read these, but you must have an account and login (click on the "Sign In" in the upper right of this page) to create a new entry or comment on an existing entry.

September 13
Website Redesign!!

Attention all users! Our development team is actively working to redesign the website heirarchy to better serve our users. Please stay tuned for all developments, at this time we apologize if you are having difficulties accessing data. Please contact the NSCN support team if you have any questions -

**12 Sept. 2012: This page is undergoing major revisions. Please check back often or contact for help. ​ **​​

September 19
New metadata coming!

NSCN and Fluxdata researchers are currently developing and testing a dataset that will provide several annual average climatic variables and vegetative production metrics for all the sites in the NSCN database. Also in development: site-level land cover based on the NLCD  for all >30,000 sites in the NSCN database.

The photo in this post shows a test of correlation between the NSCN/Fluxdata MAT data and the corresponding values pulled for about a hundred of the database sites with listings in the USDA-NRCS SSL online soil series name query.temp comparison.JPG

June 15
NSCN community site created!

Welcome to the NSCN community site!


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