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Welcome to the NSCN dataset contribution page!

In order to process your dataset it is important to outline key variables and information prior to uploading to the NSCN. Once you've uplaoded your dataset and completed this form, you will be contacted by NSCN database managers to finalize getting your dataset live on the NSCN.  

Step #1: Fill out the questionnaire below to create a template file that is customized for your dataset.

Step #2: Follow instructions and examples in the
data template users' guide to move data from your spreadsheets into the template file.

Step #3: When you are ready to submit your template, please visit this page.

Note: There is important companion information for the template in these files:
1. Guide to template structure and variable names
2. Glossary for variables with controlled vocabularies

Contact the Network Coordinator if you need help with data templates. 

Data template questionnaire

Answer the following questions to get a data template that is customized for the data that you wish to report. For questions 2,3,4,5, move your mouse over a potential answer to see additional info.
1.Are you submitting data for whole soils, soil fractions, or both?
2.Were soils sampled by horizon, depth interval, or as whole profiles?
3.Will you report any of the following soil chemical, physical, or biological properties for your samples?
4.What measure(s) of soil %C will you report for your samples?
5.What measure of soil bulk density will you report for your samples?
6.Will you provide calculated C stocks for the individual soil samples/layers you report?
7.Will you provide calculated profile-level C stocks for the soil profiles you report (i.e., summing the individual layer C stocks up to their full profile values)?
8.Will you provide calculated site-level mean C stocks for the sites you report (i.e., averaging the profiles within each site)?
9.Will you describe surface vegetation for any of the soil profiles you report?
10.Will you describe site-level vegetation for any of the sites you report?
11.Does permafrost exist at any of the sites you report?
12.Will you provide the depth to groundwater or bedrock at any of the sites you report?
13.Do you have soil series name or taxonomic information for any of the soil profiles you report?
14.Will you provide the elevation, slope, or aspect of any sites you report?
15.Will you provide geomorphic data (e.g., landform, parent material, geologic formation) for any of the sites you report?
16.Will you provide information about vegetation community age for any of the sites you report?
17.Will you provide information about soil drainage characteristics at any of the sites you report?
18.Will you provide climate data for any of the sites you report?
19.Are the data you submit unpublished?
20.Have any of the sites for which you will report data been subject to at least one significant, known disturbance or experimental treatment?
21.Which of the following known disturbances or experimental treatments have occurred at site(s) for which you are reporting data?


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