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National Soil Carbon Network: Membership Actions

General membership in the NSCN is open to anyone with an interest in collecting, using, and sharing soil carbon information. Membership follows a give-to-get model, which requires that members provide something to the Network in order to acquire something from it. For example, if you plan to use the database to develop a synthesis paper, consider contributing some of your own data to the database or making some of your archived soil samples available to the scientific community. (Note as well that developing a synthesis paper from the database constitutes 'giving' something to the Network)

  1. Sign up for membership in the NSCN (an account is required to access parts of this website; if you get a warning when you click this link then confirm the security exception to proceed)
  2. Contribute data to the NSCN database (members' data contributions are protected by a data policy; when your data are used your publications will be cited!)
  3. Share information about your archived soils (we are using our growing database of archived soils to develop plans for large-scale, coordinated soil archiving and encourage increased sharing)
  4. Offer information about collaborative opportunities (good citizens of the soil science community can add to this secured directory of field and web sites, equipment, lab infrastructure, and datasets open for collaboration)
  5. Give feedback about NSCN activities (YOU are the Network, so please share your ideas, comments, criticisms, questions, and any other feedback about what the NSCN can do for you) 



  Shambo series Mollisol exposed by erosion along the Missouri River, ND.
  Photo by Luke Nave


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