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National Soil Carbon Network Archive Questionnaire
Thank you for taking part in this information gathering effort. Your participation will help advance the cause of a permanent archive facility for the soils research community in the U.S. As you fill out the survey, please be aware that the information you provide will not be used to identify you specifically to any third parties unless we obtain your expressed consent at a later date. Rather, it is the intent of the NSCN to aggregate all individual responses to this questionnaire, in order to determine the availability of archived samples in the U.S. and the scope of our subsequent efforts to help store and protect these samples.
Contact Info
Phone Number
Sample Info
Location or facility where archived samples are stored (e.g., 'Forest Service ranger district office, Mio, MI')
Number of archived samples
Typical sample mass or volume
Sample collection start date
Select a date from the calendar.
Sample collection end date
Select a date from the calendar.
Geographic origin of samples (e.g., county/state, field station, federal land unit)
Were archived soils sampled by depth or horizon
To what depth or horizon were most samples taken
How are samples archived? (Were they sieved/ground before archiving? How were they dried? What kind of containers? What are storage room conditions? Any major disturbances?)
Risk of loss (1-low, 10-high)
Are samples at risk of being lost due to impending retirement, facility reorganization or deterioration/loss of archive space
Are archived samples/metadata cataloged in a database?
If not cataloged, are local resources available to assemble & catalog sample info & metadata?
Are you willing to provide entire samples or sample splits to a community-accessible archive?
Any references pertaining to the samples? (publications reporting results, or protocols with processing and storage information)
How involved would you like to be in NSCN’s archiving effort? (1=only interested in providing samples, 10=interested in helping to plan details, secure funding, etc.)
General ideas, concerns, recommendations
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