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February 08
ISCN Town Hall at 2012 AGU Fall Meeting

​The ISCN hosted a Town Hall event, attended by 40 participants, at the 2012 AGU Fall Meeting in December. The Town Hall featured presentations by a diverse group of scientists describing 8 different projects that have utilized the ISCN Database for primary research, synthesis, and model construction and validation. In addition, participants provided feedback on the Network's database efforts and expanded the potential for collaboration with international colleagues. Access the presentation using the link below!


October 18
NSCN is becoming ISCN

After steadily growing behind the scenes, international collaborations have prompted the Scientific Steering Group to pass a motion changing the name of the National Soil Carbon Network. From this point forward, the Network will be the ISCN- the International Soil Carbon Network. Stay tuned for a newsletter and more details about this exciting development.​

September 28
Welcome to the ISCN Blog

Please post any information that would be of interest to the soil carbon science community, including documents, activities and upcoming or recent events.

SOC Workshop Crew July 2010_small.jpg 

Photo courtesy L. Brandt.

September 28
ISCN Newsletter

The Network periodically distributes a newsletter to highlight interesting new developments. Contact us to be added to the newsletter mailing list, or access past issues of the newsletter below:


September 21
Conference Session at 2011 AGU Fall Meeting

The NSCN was featured in 14C in Terrestrial Ecology: Reductionism to Synthesis at the 2011 AGU FM, 5-9 December in San Francisco. An oral session (B24A) occured on Tuesday 6 December, and a poster session (B31A) was on Wednesday 7 December. Log into the AGU Scientific Program webpage and search for the session if you wish to read abstracts.


August 01
Conference Presentations on the NSCN - 2010 and 2011
Fire effects on temperate forest soil C&N
Results of a large-scale meta-analysis that quantifies the effects of this disturbance on soil C and N storage (presented at SSSA 2011 by L. Nave)

Big data and global soil change 
A presentation highlighting how large datasets can answer large-scale questions, and what the NSCN has to do with these issues (presented at AGU 2010 by L. Nave)

NSCN database development 
A demonstration of the Alaska Deep Soil Carbon Database, a prototype for the NSCN's ongoing database efforts (from the AGU 2010 Town Hall Meeting; presented by C. Swanston, K. Johnson, J. Harden, and L. Nave)

NSCN database development 
A poster overview of NSCN data synthesis activities, past, present and future (presented at the 2011 NACP meeting by
by C. Swanston)
July 01
Past NSCN Workshops

Since the NSCN's inception, members of the community have organized and participated in several workshops to contribute to the development of the Network and to plan and develop synthesis products using NSCN resources. Descriptions of these workshops follow:

  • Radiocarbon Data Synthesis. Lawrence-Berkeley Nat'l Lab, 20-21 July 2011. Organizers: M. Torn, L. Nave. Twenty-three international scientists met to initiate a 14C data synthesis project, plan research directions and products to be developed from the data synthesis. Click to read the Eos meeting report or the attendee list.)

  • Soil Carbon Experiments. Loveland, CO, 13-15 July 2010. Organizers: M. Ryan, C. Giardina, C. Swanston, L. Brandt. Sixteen U.S. scientists met to discuss the state of knowledge, network a collection of experimental sites, and plan a synthesis paper. (attendee list here)

  • Alaska Deep Soil C Project. University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 4 March 2009. Organizers: K. Johnson, J. Harden, A.D. McGuire. Eleven scientists met to plan and initiate data synthesis and archiving. (Click here for an Eos meeting report or here for attendee list and additional information)


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