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FLUXNET Project    
Welcome to the Web Site for the Opened FLUXNET Synthesis Data set.
After the LaThuile synthesis initiative where a new collection of eddy covariance measurements has been prepared and processed with standard methods for synthesis activity coordinated by data contributors, two new initiatives started with the aim to give access to this dataset also to external users such as but not restricted to the modeling and remote sensing communities in the belief that their wide dissemination will lead to greater understanding and new scientific insights and that global scientific problems require the international cooperation.
The data are available under two different policies: an “Opened” policy where the access requires the preparation of a short proposal and a “Free Fair-Use” policy where data are directly available. The two data policies can be found here: OpenedFree-Fair-Use
The site years included in these two datasets have been selected by the data owners and the list is evolving since more and more PIs agree to share the data more openly. You can find the updated list of site-years available here. All the data included in the Free-Fair-Use dataset are also included in the Opened.
If you are interested only in the "Free Fair-Use" data set, you just need to register to get an account at the address specifying that you are registering as “Free fair-use dataset user”. In case you want to access the larger "Opened" data set you will have first to submit the proposal. You can find a description of the procedure to submit the proposal here and a template to prepare it here. The proposal is evaluated for possible conflicts with ongoing activities at regional levels, overlaps and synergies after which you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to register (within three weeks).
Please let us know if you have specific interest in a site which has not yet opened their data, since we are interested to get an overview of requested sites. In case of questions please don't hesitate to contact us at


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